Playing with the Big Boys: Hifonics ZRX6D2 Subwoofer receives EISA AWARD

It quickly became obvious that HiFonics’ ZEUS ZRX subwoofers are top league players. Not only their eye-catching look, solid-built chassis, blue magnetic protector, and sturdy beading make clear that serious bass attacks are to be expected from these sturdy beefcakes. The fact that those bass-gigs not only come from the 10-15 inch members of the series, but also from their moderate sized 6.5 and 8 inch siblings is conform to the expectations of today’s car audio retrofitters: make big difference – but take up little space in the vehicle! It is hardly surprising that the media not only approved HiFonics’ new sub series with top notch test results but also awarded them with the highly regarded EISA AWARD!

This is how the EISA jury comments on their choice: „Everybody wants thrilling, deep bass but only a few have space for a traditional large-enclosure subwoofer in their trunk. The challenge, therefore, is for an up-to-date sub to be small but remain powerful – and HiFonics’ ZRX6D2 is exactly this. It uses a 6.5in coated paper-coned driver with ribbed surround for linear travel, and its compact die-cast aluminum frame houses a dual 2in voice coil and twin magnet assembly to provide a deep ±0.6in stroke. Requiring only a 15-litre cabinet, it easily outperforms much bigger designs. By creating maximum bass impact from a minimal footprint, the ZRX6D2 perfectly meets today’s requirements.”

“We are delighted to receive an award from the EISA jurors again – this time for a HiFonics product! For decades, our Zeus series has been a synonym for top performance in both product segments, amplifiers, and subwoofers. It swiftly became clear that the new ZRX subwoofers are well received by car audio afficionados. The EISA award confirms the design and technology strategy behind the series with its catchy blue bottoms,” said Audio Design founder and managing director Bruno Dammert.