Pioneer introduces new TS-G speakers sets

Pioneer today introduces twelve all new TS-G speakers sets, to enhance the in-vehicle listening experience. The TS-G170C is the flagship 17cm component speaker set, offering well-balanced vocals, increased bass, improved power handling and easy fitting into the majority of today’s vehicles on the road. This new range confirms Pioneers commitment to expanding their audio category.


Pioneer’s next generation TS-G series speakers offer well-balanced sound quality, high power handling, and a new cosmetic design. Available in popular sizes of 10cm, 13cm, 17cm and 6” x 9”, these new speakers are designed with a highly rigid polypropylene cone, a lightweight diaphragm and not forgetting updated cosmetics. All new Pioneer TS-G speakers come with a full mesh protection grill included in the box.

The TS-G speakers are designed as replacements for factory installed (OE) speakers to produce greater sound quality at exceptional value. The P.F.S.S. patented technology and newly designed magnetic circuit allow a greater range of voice coil excursion for improved linearity, power handling, more impactful bass response and clearer sound.5

The TS-G series speakers include:

  • TS-G170C 300W / 45W / 2-way Component
  • TS-G130C 250W / 40W / 2-way Component
  • TS-G1730F 300W / 40W / 3-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1720F 300W / 40W / 2-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1710F 280W / 40W / Dual Cone
  • TS-G1330F 250W / 35W / 3-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1320F 250W / 35W / 2-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1310F 230W / 35W / Dual Cone
  • TS-G1030F 210W / 30W / 3-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1020F 210W / 30W / 2-way Coaxial
  • TS-G1010F 190W / 30W / Dual Cone
  • TS-G6930F 400W / 45W / 3-way Coaxial

Pioneer’s new TS-G speakers will be available from September 2017, at Pioneer authorised car audio outlets. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact your local Pioneer outlet, or visit