Three DSP amplifiers are now enhancing the ESX QUANTUM series. Inside the amps, proven XENIUM X-DSP 8-channel technology is combined with cutting edge class D amplifier technology. The result is enthusing: the 4-channel model QE80.4 with 4 x 80/125 Watt RMS, the QE80.6 with 6 channels and 6 x 80/125 Watt RMS as well as the super-compact 8-channel all-rounder QE80.8 with 8 x 80/125 Watt RMS enable an impressive diversity of system configurations. Thanks to the integrated 8-channel DSP chip (32-bit, 192 kHz), even complex system concepts can be implemented and perfectly configured via PC software. A further highlight is the included remote control with LCD display It allows a switch between settings or inputs – like AUX-IN or Toslink“ from the driver™ seat.

The product-included new and free X-CONTROL software provides a variety of customizing-options for sound systems. A clear and logically structured user interface allows intuitive handling and real time sound tuning while the DSP device is connected to the software via USB. All 8 channels can be configured individually or as 4 linked channel pairs. Besides the up to 48db adjustable crossover filters, high pass, low pass and band pass also parameters such as phase shift and automatic time alignment per channel can be set easily. The 6 channels (A-F) feature each a 31-band equalizer and for the subwoofer channels (G+H) an 11-band version is available. Up to 10 different configurations can be stored.

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