JL Audio is on board

The European Mobile Media Association welcomes JL Audio to its international sponsor board. While in recent years the logo of the traditional US audio brand has only been represented on various National Sponsor Lists, the fans of JL Audio’s high-quality Car Audio components can now look forward to the support of the sound experts from Florida again on the international stage.

President of JL Audio, Andy Oxenhorn said: “EMMA has been steadfast in building a positive culture around car audio through competition and education. As a company with its roots in auto sound competition, we share EMMA’s vision and look forward to supporting their worldwide mission.”

“We are very happy to welcome JL Audio on board of our Global Partners. This will for sure speed up the growth of the world-wide CarMedia competition scene” said Alex Klett, CEO of EMMA.

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Since the 1970s, JL Audio, as an independent, privately held U.S. company, has been serving the international markets with high quality Home, Mobile, Powersports and Marine Audio, always focused on providing unique, often patented technology and superior quality to its customers around the world. JL Audio’s driving force is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that customers can ‘tell the difference’. Particularly dedicated car audio specialists, sound off competitors, tuners and refiners choose the high-performance Car HiFi components from JL Audio for their automobile soundscapes.

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Find everything about JL Audio at https://intl.jlaudio.com

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