ESX Quantum Q201A Underseat Subwoofer

Think Small: The new Q201A is one of the smallest underseat subwoofers you can currently find on the market. With just 21 x 29 x 7,3 cm, it is about 25% smaller than usual off-the-shelf products in this category. However, you will be amazed when you hear the ESX play, because it sounds like the big ones.

The Q201’s great sound is achieved by a specially developed, very flat 10’’/20 cm woofer; thanks to its stainless steel cone excellent parameters can be achieved even in housings with very small volumes. Steel cones are predestined to withstand the extremely high pressure occurring in compact sub enclosures. The ESX subwoofer masters its job brilliantly and enthusiastically, which results in great sound and deep bass performance.

With a very potent, integrated amplifier with 100 watts RMS – which is quite unique in this category – the woofer creates the perfect bass fundament for each music genre. Connected via the integrated high-level input, the power amplifier also starts automatically if desired (Auto-Turn-On). The amplifier also provides RCA inputs.