ESX Quantum DSP Amplifiers

esx_quantum_qe80-4dspThree DSP amplifiers are now enhancing the ESX QUANTUM series. Inside the amps, proven XENIUM X-DSP 8-channel technology is combined with cutting edge class D amplifier technology. The result is enthusing: the 4-channel model QE80.4 with 4 x 80/125 Watt RMS, the QE80.6 with 6 channels and 6 x 80/125 Watt RMS as well as the super-compact 8-channel all-rounder QE80.8 with 8 x 80/125 Watt RMS enable an impressive diversity of system configurations. Thanks to the integrated 8-channel DSP chip (32-bit, 192 kHz), even complex system concepts can be implemented and perfectly configured via PC software. A further highlight is the included remote control with LCD display It allows a switch between settings or inputs – like AUX-IN or Toslink – from the driver’s seat.