DD Audio ´s Premiere at CarMediaWorld Salzburg

Since beginning of the Year DD Audio is a Global EMMA Partner and show´s their latest products in Salzburg. DD Audio produces quality products designed and manufactured in Oklahoma City, USA. Perhaps best known for our performance in SPL competitions, this is just one facet of what we are.

We build high quality audio solutions for every application in life, from autos to boats, home, and pro audio.Our most recent innovations to the subwoofers have been with our Evolution Subwoofer Package (ESP) which feature custom tooled high excursion surrounds, cones, spiders, and baskets. It has also been a joy to bring the ESP features to our newly re-imagined Z series of subwoofers, now available in 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ coil configurations. Our Z motor structure, designed and built in OKC, with the ESP part suite is truly the pinnacle of sound quality and sound pressure level performance.

All these masterpieces you can see CarMediaWorld Salzburg at DD Audio booth.

Please check 9500 subwoofer evolution from pass 30years:


Assembling in Finland:

The other big piece of news is that we have begun doing Made in USA woofers final assembly by European distributor AI-Group in Finland at our licensed build house and repair facility. This means faster lead times for our European customers and the ability to truly offer our full line of custom colors, composites, suspensions, and coil options to Europe.

There is many different options how you want your woofer: