Academy Dragster Launches the Newest Product Family

Dragster Audio’s brand for the SQ market, Academy Dragster is now on board of EMMA Global. This product family includes hi-end amplifiers (DA-2&DA-4), full-range speaker (AF-3), tweeter (AT-28), midbass (AMW-6&AMW-6NEO) and subwoofers (AW-8&AW-8NEO, AW-10SQ&AW-12SQ).

The new EMMA Partners FOR-X and ACADEMY DRAGSTER with 30 years of experience, offers a huge product variety and 5 own brands. Now the company continues it’s activities within 7000 square meters premises and unlimited passion for the car audio. Each product group has its own professional sales & technical crew. Currently, the products available in Europe and Middle East markets.

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